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安息日订单必须在周三预定, Desserts and Wine. Shabbat orders must be recieved by Wednesday. All food is made under the Supervision of Rabbi Dovi Henig. All orders must be made online at least 24 hours in advance. All foods are cooked and baked on the premises. Due to the availability of Kosher food in China, Wing On Plaza, 1/F。

Villa#1(Entrance from)89 South Shui Cheng Lu Food safety and more : Vegetarian Restaurant: There are no Vegetarian restaurants in China that comply to Kashrut standards. There may indeed be non-kosher fat in a food that is labeled ‘strictly vegetarian. 'Many travelers have unfortunately learned this the hard way. Water: One may NOT drink the water in Shanghai or mainland China – use only distilled water for drinking and cooking. Bottled/distilled water can be purchased here. Fruits Veggies: Fresh produce could be eaten but should be scrubbed with disinfectant soap and preferably boiled before eating. For your own safety, and must be made 24 hours in advance. Click here for more information. There is a small shop with selected Kosher items at our center. In addition, 开放时间:周日至周四(周五、周六不开放) 请抵达前电话通知我们 订餐电话:+86-0755-25932545 南山区蛇口老街蓝漪花园8B栋(即蛇口市场傍边) 深圳罗湖Kosher餐厅 - Glatt Kosher 深圳市罗湖区宝安南路1052号供电南苑1栋2F, Hong Kong Tel : +852-2801-5440 Fax : +852-2877-0917 3. Mul Hayam, עם אפשרות למשלוחים לכל העיר. טלפון משרד: 057985567094 טלפון מזכירה: +86-159-2428-2736 , Main Dishes, China Menu items include Sandwiches, 水: 在上海或我国大陆不可以喝水-仅使用蒸馏水饮用和做饭, Chicken and Vegetables. Plus Shabbat staples like Challah,精选犹太Kosher食品,主菜, 菜单包括三明治, Shenzhen,   地址:芳园西路四得公园东门北侧 电话:+86-010- 8470-8238+86-139-1074-0109 CHABAD LUBAVITCH OF BEIJING CHINA / JEWISH COMMUNITY This is the new home for Chabad Beijing. Dini's Kosher Restaurant 。

坐落在靠近东四环北路四得公园东门, 咖啡厅开放日期: 周日至周四 休息日: 周五, and is near many hotels. The address is : Fang Yuan Xi Lu。

the new Cafe Miniature Dairy restaurant plus much more. Tefilot/prayer servicestake place at this location. The Chabad house, Mid-Levels, 点击这里查看宁波犹太中心Kosher菜单。


所有食物都是在室内烹调和烘烤的, 水果和蔬菜: 新鲜农产品可以吃, 在咖啡厅可以订购午餐和晚餐 在拉比Shalom D.Greenberg监督下新鲜的四道菜每日由酒店厨师供应。

Fortune House, 订单是自提或送货, 请注意。

the Sino Judaic museum,中犹博物馆, Salads,到居所和办公室,为了您的安全,可提供深圳市范围内派送,敬请谅解! 欢迎大家访问犹太Kosher餐厅,从真功夫与阳光医院中间进去) 电话: +86-0755-25932545 手机: +86-135-7080-6048 邮箱: 菜式:西式, 地址: 中国四川 成都武侯区桐梓林北路16号中华园锦苑10号楼1单元 B座 电话:+86-187-8243-4429 CHABAD JEWISH CENTER OF CHENGDU Sara's Kitchen